Let's Save Gelada And Let Them Survive!!! FAIRLAUNCH OCTOBER 1ST 15:00 UTC

Safe Gelada is a yield-generating social cryptocurrency. Members of the Safe Gelada ecosystem earn $SEGA by holding Safe Gelada.


Contract Address : SOON


How to Buy Safe Gelada (SOON)

let's save gelada's habitat


Our Mission

About Us

Safe Gelada is a next-generation ecological Defi - NFT token with a purpose:. : saving Gelada.

A portion of every transaction and NFT sells is sent to the Safe Gelada “Wallets”, which is used to protect the gelada habitat.

Our Values

  • • Putting our community members first
  • • Make The World A Better Place
  • • Full Transparency – Open and honest about our plans and operations.


Read up on the background of Safe Gelada and an explanation of our basic Tokenomics.


Original Supply

Initial supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens minted at launch.

Static Farming

Automatically earn 5% in reflections of every transaction simply by holding Safe Gelada in your wallet


3% of every transaction goes to our Charity wallet.

Locked Liquidity

3% of all transactions goes to locked liquidity ever increasing the price floor.


Safe Gelada Token and 11% Tax Allocation
  • Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
  • Fairlaunch 950,000,000,000
  • Marketing,team and charity50,000,000,000

11% Fee Breakdown

  • Liquidity3% locked in liquidity
  • Redistribution5% redistributed to all holders
  • Charity3% sent directly to our charity wallet


As of Oct/01/2021
SEGA Holders
Market Cap
Donated to Charity
SEGA in Discord
SEGA in Telegram

Video Our Mission (SOON)


Safe Gelada Trail

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5

Safe Gelada Trail #1

✔️ Create Admin Team

✔️ Complete Website,Whitepaper

✔️ Create Social Media: Twitter,Telegram.

✔️ Marketing

✔️ Collaboration with crypto influencers

⭕ 1st Oct 15:00 UTC Pancakeswap Launching

⭕ 10 Exclusive NFT Giveaway for top 10 holders

⭕ First Batch NFT auction at opensea

⭕ Collaboration with crypto influencers

⭕ Collaboration with some big communities on telegram


Safe Gelada Trail #2

⭕ Website Version 2.0 - New NFT

⭕ 150k Marketcap challenge👉Doxx team members to build project transparency and trust

⭕ Active marketing to sustain community growth and value appreciation

⭕ Expand Admin team to accommodate next phase of growth

⭕ List with relevant cryptocurrency sites: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko

⭕ Research and development of proprietary NFT platform

⭕ List on a Centralized Exchange: Listed with 5 exchanges and counting.

⭕ Obtain CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings


Safe Gelada Trail #3

⭕ NFT Exchange integration - Buy, sell, and trade NFTs using Safe Gelada through SEGA platform.

⭕ token safety checks, general cryptocurrency understanding, etc.

⭕ Research and development of SEGATrack interest-tracking app 

⭕ AMA.

⭕ charity for gelada habitat

⭕ charity with transparency to the community

⭕ development of NFT creation and NFT exchange architecture

⭕ development of Safe Gelada video game

Safe Gelada Trail #4

⭕ build a real community in every city

⭕100M marketcap build a real office

⭕ start cooperation with many communities

⭕ support the rescue of the gelada habitat

⭕ dev's direct visit to the gelada habitat broadcast live to the community

Safe Gelada Trail #5

⭕ Stay Tuned... More to come!


*Let's take care of nature for our survival.

**let's join the safe gelada community.